Dagger Styles in HEMA

Dagger combat appears in many of the treatises of ancient Europe. It is viewed as the stepping stone between unarmed fundamentals, and the more advanced use of larger weapons. Almost every knight of the time carried a dagger somewhere on their body as a last resort weapon, or a weapon to be used in a surprise attack; as has been seen in many movies. The dagger styles mostly use the exact same positions(guards) as unarmed combat, simply with the hand closed instead of open(around the dagger handle obviously). Because of the incredible connection between unarmed combat and all other fighting styles the dagger should be learned in tandem with the unarmed fundamentals, so the body can be trained to use the unarmed techniques in their exact positions, while still thinking about the dynamics of holding a sharp object in your hand while doing it.

Dagger combat in Il Fior Di Battaglia