Discounts from Bladesmiths

Arming sword and Longsword by Rose and Sword

Hey everybody,

I am just reaching out to let you all know that the bladesmiths that make all the battle-ready swords I use are thanking Via Della Spada for all our business by offering us quite a bit of saving on some swords over the holidays.

These blades are exactly what is needed to train properly and are used as the blunt steel weapons every time I teach. Thus, if you want to be able to train between meetups and train with your own weapon at our classes these are exactly what you need. Also, for a limited time, if you purchase a package of 50 private lessons from me, I will throw in a sword from them for free.

I wanted to pass this opportunity along to all of you in case any of you had a desire to get your hands on a truly high-quality weapon for much less than usual. The cost will be $660.00 for a longsword (usually $800.00) and $420.00 for an arming sword (usually $550.00).

The longsword is 35" from pommel to tip and the arming sword is 25" from the same reference points. Both styles of the blade are made from 1080 carbon steel (perfect mix of hardness and ductility, since the blades are blunt they do not need to keep an edge so this is the perfect steel alloy for our needs) with a temper specifically for HEMA conditions and come with a lifetime warranty on any and all damage, no limitations other than intentional harm, like pouring acid on it or something.

These bladesmiths make all the weapons featured in Disney movies, over 38 renaissance fairs use exclusively their blades, and they are the team featured on Man at Arms: Reforged. It is a major honor that they reached out to me to offer this opportunity as usually, custom blades from them can take up to 2 years to receive after order.

The swords could be available for pickup as soon as next week, a non-refundable deposit of $100.00 is due at beginning of the work and the rest will be due upon completion of the blade. I have added pictures of the equivalent versions of their swords that I own for reference on the meetup group page but remember that no two swords will be identical by design.

So, if you are interested at all let me know and I can let my blade smiths know and get them working on the projects! Hope to see all of you that have come already again soon and can't wait to meet the rest of you at your first meetup!